The MITSUBA WAY consists of codes of practice that are centered on the principles, or DNA, that Mitsuba has valued since its establishment, based on the understanding, thoughts, decision-making and actions of each individual employee during his/her daily work activities.

In an ever-expanding world market, the MITSUBA WAY serves as the standard for all the individual members of the Group by helping them unite to ensure the fulfillment of the corporate mission of “providing pleasure and peace of mind to the people of the world by creating technology in harmony with society and the environment.”

The MITSUBA WAY consists of three core values Mitsuba has held to since its founding as a manufacturing company that makes things: Creating Vision, Challenging Spirit, and Skill and Speed. These three core values are further divided into eight domains.

Creating a Vision


1. Building Trust

Our mission is to build a strong relationship of trust with the customers who use our products, as well as with our business partners, shareholders, and local communities.Our goal is for the word “Mitsuba” to be synonymous with the phrases “technology in harmony with society and the environment” and “pleasure and peace of mind” as we expand the Mitsuba brand in Japan and internationally.

2. Proposing New Value

The only way to win customers is to delight them with unique and superior solutions, while meeting the demands of quality, cost, and delivery (QCD).
Our goal is to be a solutions-oriented company, offering and delivering on solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations not only in the value of our products, but in the value of all the work we do as well.

Challenging Spirit


3. Awareness of Our Roles in the Company

When many people maintain an awareness of their primary roles as members of the company, continually asking what they can do for the company, it creates an autonomous and motivated workplace. If everyone follows the rules of their workplace and fulfills their duties and responsibilities as members of the company, then our company will meet the expectations of society and win its trust.

4. Self Motivated Growth

We harness our associates’ capabilities, and are in turn sustained by them. The foundation of our company is the motivation of every associate to set his or her own ambitious goals and grow autonomously, without giving in to complacency. We will strive to create clear and ambitious personal goals, and grow through both work and study in an environment of friendly rivalry.

5. Utilizing Teamwork

Manufacturing is what our company is founded on. We cannot be successful (satisfy our customers and earn profits) through individual play alone.
In order to maximize our company’s success, strong individuals must fulfill all their roles and responsibilities, and work with the team to harness the power of the organization.

Skill and Speed


6. Improving Skills and Techniques

In order to improve the quality of our products and services – as well as of our work – it is vital for each associate to continually improve his or her skills and techniques, and pass on them to others. We must continually improve and pass on all work-related skills, including those not related directly to production, in order to be able to compete on the global scale.

7. On-site fact finding

As the foundation of a manufacturing company, we will eliminate empty theorizing at all workplaces, verifying the true nature of the actual workplace or object. We also value the hands-on or “on-site fact finding” approach, reacting swiftly to changes in the situation or environment.

8. Continual Improvement

As changes to the environment grow increasingly drastic, we must continue to achieve quality, cost, and delivery (QCD) demands in order to out-compete our rivals globally. In order to accomplish this, we will share what is best in our company through standardization, and continue to move ahead as a company by continually and thoroughly improving problems of waste, inconsistency, and irrationality through hands-on management.