Our Management Policy

1. We will make Mitsuba the brand of choice on a global scale.

To become the preferred company

In the age of intense competition, it is necessary to first meet the basic conditions, quality and price to be specific, in rder to win customer satisfaction and enjoy lasting business relationships. The only way to win customers is to present them with nique and clearly competitive solutions and receive recognition.

Continuing such endeavors can gain and build corporate trust in us.

Mitsuba aims to become a trusted company that is and whose products are preferred and highly valued by our customers.

Spreading the Mitsuba brand across the globe

A brand is a mark of the one-of-a-kind value or meaning a company name or product name has acquired.

Our goal is for the word “Mitsuba” to be synonymous with the phrases “technology in harmony with society and the environment” and “pleasure and peace of mind” as we expand the Mitsuba brand in Japan and internationally.

2. We will use our technology as a driving force to take up the challenge of creating new markets.

Our technologies as the driving force

A company that can sustainably grow and develop has identified their driving force, or their source of power.
Mitsuba’s driving force for growth and development is “technologies.” Through the sophistication of our amassed techniques and the development of new technologies, we strive for further growth and development by way of system concept proposals.

The challenges of creating new markets

A market is created when a novel value is developed and that is widely recognized by customers.
Mitsuba will continue to develop original technologies that can be a new standard as our challenge of creating a new market.

3. Mitsuba will bring out the best in its associates, as its associates bring out the best in Mitsuba.

Bringing out the best in our associates

Mitsuba is a place where each and every employee grows into a being widely recognized in society. By the individual employees exerting their uniqueness and abilities, and identifying the results, we create workplace environments that foster increased motivation.

Our associates bring out the best in Mitsuba

Mitsuba is supported by our employees’ willpower, abilities, and actions. Mitsuba’s growth and development is the sum of our employees’s personal growth.
Building on the corporate culture where employees enlighten each other, we pursue management that benefits both the people and the company.

Guidelines for Action

Vision Challenge Speed

Mitsuba’s guidelines for action indicates what our employees should keep in mind everyday, as well as how they should act on a daily basis. Through the practice of Mitsuba’s well-familiarized philosophy “Vision – Challenge – Speed,” we shape a renewed Mitsuba climate.