We are committed to offering optimal solutions for electrification, contributing to the realization of a carbon-neutral society. Our goal is to become a corporate group that continues to strive for mutual growth with the society.

ミツバビジョン 2030

Mitsuba’s business started with generator lamps for bicycles. Aligned with our philosophy and mission statements, we have developed, manufactured and provided a variety of automotive and electrical components, offering pleasure and peace of mind to people in the world in accordance with the advancement of the mobility society.

We have great respect for our customers and continue to work diligently to fulfill their needs. This is what has helped shape Mitsuba and makes us unique with its excellence in “technologies that drive things” and commitment to “alignment and optimization.” We will continue to pursue “optimal solutions” with this mindset.

Moving forward, Mitsuba will take a wide range of business opportunities for electrification, from electrical parts for automobiles, to electrification of driving sources, to commitment to reduction of carbon footprint for the entire supply chain, and even to business development to new market fields. We will contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society, offering “optimal solutions” with this proactive approach.

Through these actions, the Mitsuba Group will seek not only its sustainable progress, but also mutual growth and prosperity with customers, employees, business partners and stakeholders. This is the future we pursue.


Meet the mobility society’s needs by demonstrating our global niche capabilities.


Create new markets with technologies that drive things and open innovation.


Share joy through “Challenge, Teamwork, and Creation” with members of the Global Team.