The Mitsuba Environmental Declaration

To sustainably reduce environmental load produced through corporate activities, Mitsuba set forth the “Mitsuba Environmental Declaration” in 1993.

We will work to achieve a continuous harmonization with our natural environment by means of technical developments harmonized with society and the environment. We will work to realize a safe and plentiful environment for us all.

1. We strive to conserve resources and energy in all of our corporate activities including development, production, and sales.

1. We strive to reduce waste and pollutants, and to dispose of these properly.

1. We strive to keep a safe living environment in harmony with local environments.

Mitsuba Environment Vision 2046


In addition to fulfilling our responsibility as a global company with the goal of establishing environments that provide abundance and peace of mind, we have formulated “Mitsuba Environment Vision 2046” as our vision for the 100th anniversary of our founding, in order to both preserve the environment and increase the value of our company.

Environmental Management System

We as the Mitsuba Group are endeavoring for continuous improvement through our environmental management system in order to connect the environment to the future. In addition to acquiring ISO14001 certification, we have established the “Mitsuba Group Environmental Manual” as stricter common rules for the Group for environmental compliance, preventing environmental pollution and environmental accidents, and reducing the load on the environment. At the same time, we are promoting activities to facilitate the continuous coexistence of society and the natural environment.

Building a low-carbon society

Solar power generation system at the Mitsuba R&D Center

The Mitsuba Group is actively working to reduce CO2 emissions with the goal of preventing global warming so as to leave a sustainable environment for the next generation.
Each group company has established a system for implementing advanced energy-saving equipment, eliminating waste, and implementing effective measures. We are also working on improvement measures that go all the way back to the goal of reducing the load on the environment starting from manufacturing and the process design of production equipment used at each factory, and by implementing renewable energy.

Water conservation

The Mitsuba Group manages wastewater properly to help protect the water environment and conserve limited water resources.
The water that we use in production processes is sent to a wastewater treatment facility to remove any pollutants before it is discharged into rivers, and this water meets local wastewater standards. Discharged water from factories and business facilities is regularly analyzed and measured to confirm and evaluate the pollution status.

Preventing pollution

The Mitsuba Group assesses risks related to our equipment that can cause environmental pollution through our environmental management system, and we plan and implement medium- to long-term capital investment to avoid risks related to pollution.
For equipment that use harmful substances and oils that can pollute soil and groundwater, we work to prevent pollution by establishing and implementing procedures for daily facility inspections and operation management.

Restrictions on the use of chemical substances

While chemicals can be very useful for our business activities, they can also pose a risk to the environment. Whenever we begin using a new chemical or oil, we first determine whether it can be used and disposed of properly, and whether it helps minimize the load on the environment. We also take necessary measures to comply with laws and regulations. In particular, we voluntarily make effort to reduce the amount of harmful substances such as those subject to the PRTR system, and use substitutes.

Regulated substances contained in products

Laws that regulate the use of products such as the European ELV Directive (End-of-Life Vehicles Directive) have been enacted in various countries. We comply with these laws and regulations, and we are working throughout the world to establish alternative technologies for products that are not currently regulated and voluntarily use substitutes.
We also have set up the “Product regulated substances Committee” for establishing policies and making decisions and rules for the group, and regularly conduct internal audits to ensure that these are being handled properly.

Environmental volunteer

Tree planting in Mexico

The Mitsuba Group engages in environmental volunteer activities in collaboration with local communities at various bases around the world to help protect nature. We will continue to keep the areas around our offices clean, participate in greenery activities and forest maintenance activities according to agreements concluded with landowners, and work to protect the natural environment.

Biodiversity conservation

Gunma Insect World Forest Maintenance Area Confirmed
growth of the vulnerable golden orchid species

Thanks to environmental volunteer activities at the Gunma Insect World, golden orchids and silver orchids have been confirmed to bloom every year.
The golden orchid is registered as a vulnerable plant species on the Red List by the Ministry of the Environment, but by cutting undergrowth in thickets, which is one of our activities, its habitat has been restored.