Shaping the future
Shaping the future

Three elements that shape the future

  • Inheritance
  • Study
  • Innovation

Passing on technology, studying technology,
and technical innovation are what shape the future.


Providing pleasure and peace of mind to people everywhere through the creation of technology that is in harmony with society and the environment

Technology that is continuously passed forward History 1946-

In 1946, in the turmoil after the Second World War, the engineering spirit of the company’s founders began to shape the future. Mitsuba Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. was established based on a strong belief in the importance of “contributing to the nation and society” by producing highly competitive original products that are needed throughout the world. This was instrumental in creating jobs and employment. In Japan at that time, only foreign-made bicycle dynamo lights were available, which were expensive. Therefore, we commercialized these for the first time as a domestic product. Since that time, we have produced hundreds of products including a variety of small electrical components for motorcycles and automobiles.

Over the more than 70 years since then, times have greatly changed, but there are certain things that will not change at Mitsuba. These include our engineering spirit and our desire to “Bring pleasure and peace of mind to people everywhere through the creation of technology that is in harmony with society and the environment.” Based on this philosophy, Mitsuba's technology is accelerating in order to shape the future of Japan and the world as we are now facing a once-in-a-century major turning point in a mobility society.


Core technologies cultivated through study Core

  • Motor
  • ×
  • Electronic control
  • ×
  • Mechanisms

Mitsuba three core technologies are “motor technology,” “mechanisms,” and “electronic control technology.” We have utilized these technological capabilities to develop automobile products (four-wheel electrical equipment), motorcycle products (two-wheel electrical equipment), drive motors, life support products, and more. In this way, we have contributed to the development of society and have made people’s lives better.
At the same time, our variety of products have overcome many difficulties. Our growth has been possible due to our “technical capabilities” for overcoming difficulties and creating new products. With “technology” as our driving force, Mitsuba will continue to develop advanced technologies and products that will shape the future of a mobility society.

—Mitsuba's driving force


Mitsuba's technological innovations leading to the future Mitsuba's technological innovations leading to the future
Research/Technology Development

Although it is said that CASE and MaaS will bring about major changes to mobility society, we have consistently been “developing technologies and products for people and society” since Mitsuba was established.
To be a sustainable company, we develop products and technologies that utilize core technologies to meet the needs of the ever-changing mobility society and the needs of customers by coming up with “ideas from the future.” Through such efforts, we will proactively develop evolutionary products and new products while considering how we can reduce environmentally hazardous substances, improve fuel efficiency, save energy, make things smaller, lighter, and more efficient to realize a safe and secure society and develop products with competitiveness. We are also developing technologies that will realize a personal mobility society.


Developing technology and products for people and society

Production technology

We are working to build smart factories in order to create products that are people-friendly and environment-friendly, strengthen the competitiveness of our product, and realize a flexible production system for handling diverse products. We have been making things smarter using innovative technologies such as an “in-mold assembly molding system” that dramatically improves production efficiency, modular production lines that allow equipment to be connected freely for handling diverse products, high-speed automated lines with robots for high-mix mass production, and AI/IoT technologies where various data from production lines is collected and analyzed in order to stabilize product quality, price, and supply.
By means of such efforts, Mitsuba's technological strengths will continue to be studied and pass on as they evolve.

Building our own production lines

  • icon Developing new manufacturing systems that greatly improve production efficiency
  • icon Modular production lines for diverse products
  • icon High-speed automatic lines with robots for high-mix mass production
  • icon Using AI and IoT technology for realizing stable quality, price, and supply

We established an ESG Council for promoting Mitsuba Group sustainability in order to achieve our corporate philosophy of “harmony with society and the environment.”
As one of our efforts, we established the “Mitsuba Environmental Vision 2046” in May 2017 for realizing a “prosperous and safe environment.” The vision includes “improving corporate value” by reducing CO2 emissions and use of resources, and “protecting the natural environment” with the aim of realizing zero environmental pollution risk.
We are also actively striving to create a work environment where people from diverse backgrounds can work comfortably, and as a “company that brings pleasure and peace of mind," we are working to improve management systems under corporate governance.

Our goal is to realize a prosperous and safe environment, contribute to society as the Mitsuba Group, and earn society’s trust.
Our Challenge

We are taking on the challenge of creating new markets with our world-class motor and control technologies.


Our “technologies” will shape the futureWe will take on the challenge of creating a mobility market using our world-class motor, control, and mechanism technologies. We believe that bringing pleasure and peace of mind to people everywhere, together with pride in our technicians, will shape the future of mobility society.