Message from COO

We will reinforce our corporate structure through development of system products and environment-friendly products, while promoting reforms of our business structure.

The automotive industry that we are a part of is now facing a once-in-a-century turning point called “CASE.” Realization of “Connectivity” and “Autonomous” through shifts from internal-combustion engines to EV as well as introduction of ICT and AI technology. Also, due to the spread of “MaaS,” a service to use transportation systems for a fee when required, as represented in car sharing, automobiles have become items to “use” rather than to “own.”

Under this environment, with “Improvement of financial structures through reinforcement of earning capacity and cash flow generation” as our basic policy set on April 2020, we have initiated our 12th Midterm Management Plan, which is a 5 year plan.

As the priority during the 12th midterm, we aim to reinforce the development of;

(1) For automobile parts business: System products with mechatronical integration applicable to CASE

(2) For motorcycle and general-purpose products businesses: Environment-friendly products, seizing exhaust gas regulations of each country as an opportunity to expand sales.

In addition, we aim to reinforce our corporate structure by improving the free cash flow through business selection and concentration, and the improvement of product competitiveness.

We will continue our efforts to become a trusted company that meets society’s expectations by ensuring full compliance as well as enhancing our corporate governance and business management capabilities, keeping in heart our philosophy of “to provide pleasure and peace of mind to the people of the world.”

Representative Director, Presidentpresident signs