Our Challenge

Taking the Challenge in Creating New Business Markets by Using Technology as a Driving Force.

Development and Sales of Motors for Solar Cars and Eco-Run Races

The “Tokai Challenger” races at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Using the world’s top level motor and control technologies, we strive to create new business markets. Our motors and controllers for solar cars and Eco-Run races are highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas. In national races, over 98% of the participating teams use Mitsuba motors and such teams dominate the podiums.
Additionally, the Solar Car Teams which used our driving motors and controllers won the 1st, 3rd and 4th prizes at the 2017 World Solar Challenge.

Participation in EV Eco-Run Races

“Yoishotto! Mitsuba” earned the grand champion title, marking its seventh win at EV Eco-Run races.

A challenge to new technology: With this goal, our team of volunteering employees [Yoishotto! Mitsuba] continues to participate in various Eco-Run races. As a top team with a string of brilliant results, [Yoishotto! Mitsuba] won the grand champion title at the World Econo Move Grand Prix (WEM-GP), marking its seventh victory overall.

Development and Provision of Motors for Small Electric Vehicles


Mitsuba is a member of the “Next generation EV Society, Gunma University,” a collaborative effort between industry, government, and academia. Within this society, Mitsuba is engaged in the development of driving motors and controllers for the “e-com10” E-minibus (ten-wheel drive, sixteen-passenger electric minibus).
The E-minibus are showcased on weekends, holidays, and at special events in downtown Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture.

Development and Provision of Motors for Electric kart

Circuit Challenger

For the “Electric Racing Kart (ERK)” that you can enjoy racing in eco-friendly manner, Mitsuba has developed a magnetless SR motor and a dedicated controller. These products are now used in the new attraction that you can drive on the international racing track, Suzuka Circuit, where the F1 Japanese GP is held.
The new SR motor has an improved hill-climbing performance achieved by optimizing the magnetic circuit and its rotor shape. Besides, the controller is compact and lightweight by adopting our original motor drive system.
We have also developed a pseudo 4-speed transmission software that controls driving force to the level suitable for circuit driving. By using this, the drivers can feel the real shift changing even when driving the EV with no transmission gears.

Electric Trial Bike

Electric Trial Bike
Electric Trial Bike E-TR

We have also developed an EV conversion unit (motor and controller) that can be combined with existing transmissions, which is currently undergoing proof of concept testing on competition electric trial bikes.