Mitsuba’s Technologies

We have developed our technologies and skills in order to improve our products, services, and work quality. At the same time, we have visualized a future where our efforts can provide positive change. We have widened our range of interests and positively develop technologies.
Our ability to produce innovative and valuable products is derived from the curiosity of each of our staff, constant research efforts, and from the results of inherited technologies.

R&D System

Mitsuba is committed to developing products that are trusted by our customers in terms of quality as well as cost.

It is also Mitsuba’s belief that, in order to respond to the ever-changing market, we must promote expeditious and flexible R&D to deal with the technical challenges related to the growing international concerns about the environment and safety, as well as with the demands for higher functionality and enhanced convenience and comfort.
On this account, Mitsuba situates development facilities in Kiryu, Gunma Pref. and in Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref., which function as the centers of development for the Group.

Mitsuba has laid out development frameworks in other areas overseas, including US, Italy, France, Germany, Thailand, Philippines, India, Vietnam, and China. The close collaboration between the development bases overseas and in Japan enables the globalization of research and development and fosters the development of highly competitive products.

On the other hand, Mitsuba seeks research and development from the perspective of “future pull” and pursues improvements in simulation techniques in order to deliver ingenious and valued products to customers worldwide.

We also aim to become the preferred enterprise through the technical strategy of reinforcing the collabration of technologies for manufacturing, production, and commercialization.

upper : North American R&D, German R&D, Italian R&D, lower:Philippines R&D, Thai R&D, Vietnamese R&D