Privacy Policy

June 21 2013
MITSUBA Corporation
COO Yuichi Nagase

1Purpose of using personal information

Prior to receiving your personal information, we have clearly indicated the purposes of using this information, and we will use it within the boundaries of that purpose.
In addition, should we need to use your information beyond the original purposes, we will contact the person concerned, and gain approval before its usage.
The purposes of using personal information we received are as follows:

Personal information related to the customer

(1) Replies to the inquiries regarding our products
(2) Replies to the general inquiries regarding our company
(3) Opinions and evaluations for our company

Personal information related to stockholders

(1) Use of rights and performing of duties based on commercial laws
(2) Management and records for stockholder meetings
(3) Provision of various kinds of convenience to stockholders of the company
(4) Management of stockholder information by creating data through predetermined standards and based on various laws

Personal information related to business partners

(1) Negotiations, contacts, consultations, sales orders, payment, and correspondence related to transactions
(2) Implementation of services based on transactions
(3) To ascertain the delivery destination for our products
(4) Offering and collecting information related to our products
(5) Contacting and providing information to our participating providers.

Personal information of our officers, employees, their families, and retired personnel

(1) Work-related communication, attendance management, payment of salary, effective posting of manpower, evaluation, skill development, benefit package, health supervision, personnel administration for safety and sanitation, and execution of duties as defined by various laws
(2) Acceptance, implementation, and management of various procedures as defined in the company regulations.
(3) Contacting and providing information to the Health Insurance Society, company pension, officer/employee shareholding association, subsidiaries, and related companies
(4) Notification and report to appropriate government agencies
(5) Sending of company reports and other distribution materials, contact during an emergency

Personal information related to recruitment and hiring

Recruitment/hiring, applicant provided information and contact information, and other use related to recruitment and hiring

Personal information from nearby related parties and various organizations

Contacting, consultation, analysis, negotiation, providing of information, receiving and giving of distribution materials, and correspondence

2Management of personal information

We will properly manage personal information that we received to avoid misuse, unauthorized access, loss, manipulation, or leakage.
In addition, we make it understood to all our officers and employees the importance of protecting personal information, and provide training and education in proper handling of personal information.

3Provision of personal information

Unless we received approval from the person concerned or when required by law to disclose information, or for other valid reasons, we will not give nor disclose the information to a third party.

4Handling for disclosure and correction

When we receive requests such as contents confirmation, correction, update, deletion, etc. from the customer for personal information that we manage, we will respect the will of the person concerned and handle it within a reasonable range.

5Observance of the law

We will handle and manage the information that we kept based on the “”Act on the Protection of Personal Information””.

6For inquiries

Inquiries and corrections of personal information from the person concerned are accepted at the following desk. For disclosure, correction, and suspension of use, the person concerned must undergo the necessary procedures to confirm his identity.”

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