Enter a New Stage with a New Global ViewpointMITSUBA VISION 2024

Through our worldwide group network, we will increase collaboration between our group companies, and step up to a new business stage in establishing a “true global enterprise,” initiated and advocated by all Mitsuba group companies around the world.



We meet the needs of people for safety and reliability in diversifying automotive/mobility markets by providing leading products. To that end, we keep on enhancing our development system by interconnecting motor technology, which is our core competence, and controller and mechanism technologies.


We create new business markets with the focus on ecology-conscious, declining birthrate and aging society by offering products and services that are the fruits of the joint efforts of Mitsuba Group.


All the members of Mitsuba take active roles in all situations and locations and exercise good teamwork through development of individuals and global communications to contribute to the accomplishment of these missions.