Co-existing with the Environment

Mitsuba acknowledges global environmental conservation as a key issue, and continues to pursue the reduction of environmental load in all facets of our operations.

The Mitsuba Environmental Declaration

We will work to achieve a continuous harmonization with our natural environment by means of technical developments harmonized with society and the environment. We will work to realize a safe and plentiful environment for us all.

To sustainably reduce environmental load produced through corporate activities, Mitsuba set forth the “Mitsuba Environmental Declaration” in 1993.

Mitsuba established the “Mitsuba Environment Committee” to bolster company-wide eco-friendly efforts, which are regulatad by corporate standards more demanding than laws and regulations.

Mitsuba Environment Vision 2046

In addition to fulfilling our responsibility as a global company with the goal of establishing environments that provide abundance and peace of mind, we have formulated “Mitsuba Environment Vision 2046” as our vision for the 100th anniversary of our founding, in order to both preserve the environment and increase the value of our company.

Mitsuba Group’s Environmental Management

In order to leave sustainable environments to the next generation, we have established a range of organizations including the “Energy Saving Committee” which promotes energy saving in our factories and offices, the “Production Engineering Environment Committee” which promotes reducing the amount of energy and resources utilized by production equipment, and the “Environmentally Hazardous Substances Committee” which handles hazardous chemical substance regulations for products. We continue our systematic environmental activities with the goal of achieving “Mitsuba Environment Vision 2046”.
We also continue to expand our comprehensive environmental management efforts outside of the company, such as working with our partners to formulate and implement our “Green Purchasing Guideline”.

Contributing to the Prevention of Global Warming through Energy Saving

To carry on a sustainable environment for future generations, Mitsuba is committed to energy saving activities with the aim to prevent global warming.

•Systemization of energy saving organization

We have stepped up our energy conservation efforts through the establishment of the “Energy Saving Committee” for promoting energy conservation in our plants and offices, and the “Production Engineering Environment Committee” for promoting energy and resource conservation for our production facilities.

•Introduction of advanced energy saving equipment

The introduction of the highly efficient air-conditioning systems and the conversion of fuel used in plant heating systems from heavy oil to electricity enable a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Mitsuba also introduced inverter compressors for efficient operation in production, which contribute to energy saving.

R&D of Eco-friendly Products

As an electrical component manufacturer, Mitsuba’s product development is focused on improved fuel efficiency, energy saving, resource conservation (compact and lightweight), and high efficiency, as well as the reduction in environmentally hazardous substances in existing and newly developed products.

World’s First Power Slide Door Drive System Equipped with Brushless Motor

World's First Power Slide Door Drive Unit Equipped with Brushless Motor

A low-profile and lightweight drive unit using a brushless motor with a planetary reduction mechanism for the first time in the world and the electromagnetic clutch removed. Precisely controlled motor has improved the steering feel significantly, which provides customers with a new value that answers their needs for safety and security.

World’s First Brushless Wiper Motor

World's First Brushless Wiper Motor

Our new wiper motor with ECU (with built-in controller mechanism) is out on the market. This is the world’s first brushless wiper motor. It uses the dual direct drive method in which the motor directly drives the wiper arm. By eliminating the conventional link motion mechanism, which converts the rotational movement of the motor to the reciprocating motion of the wiper arm, the wiper system has become lightweight and the layout flexibility has been significantly improved.

LED Lamp for Motorcycles

LED Lamp

From the viewpoint of improving vehicle fuel efficiency, there is a recent rise in the demand for LED products which help in achieving reduction in size, weight and power consumption of components. Our technology for product miniaturization and weight reduction has been well received, and so has our product appearance due to our unique lens welding method. As a result, our LED license lamps and LED Flasher Lamp have been installed, since March 2016, in mass produced motorcycles sold in Indonesia. We will continue to offer LED products to our customers in a wide range of applications, in an effort to aggressively expand sales.

Forest Habitat Improvement Activities

An employee and his child as forest improvement volunteers (Gunma Insect World)
Cutting the bent trees will allow sunlight throughout the woodland, so that trees grow big and healthy.
Through such an experience, children commune with and learn from nature, leading to sustainable coexistence with the environment.

An employee and his child as forest improvement volunteers (Gunma Insect World)